* Due to rising shipping costs, all orders shipped to NEW YORK STATE will require

a minimum order of $15,000.00 starting April 1, 2022

We apologize for the inconvenience.


1. All freight will be sent C.O.D. or payment upfront via certified check, money order until credit terms are granted. 

2. Check the freight chart for your area for your minimum “qualifying” order amount to get free shipping.

Website orders will be processed and shipped out within 1~2 business days upon receipt of payment of order.

We do not UPS or FEDEX small shipments.

We only process and ship orders on LTL TRUCKS.

If order amount meets the minimum, we will pay for the shipping cost. Otherwise, freight will be shipped freight collect.


♦ Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma:  $5,000.00 Minimum order


♦ All other Contiguous States in the USA:  $7,500.00 Minimum order

(except NEW YORK STATE: $15,000.00 Minimum order)


♦ Hawaii and Alaska:  Please Call

- We will begin processing the order when minimum order size is met.
Any new customers will be required to PREPAY (ACH or Wire Transfer) before shipment is sent.
- Please be aware that back-orders on products can occur when an order is processed. We will attempt to minimize this as much as possible and ask for your understanding. For any extrordinary quantities of a singular item, please inquire ahead of time to confirm.
Website orders will be processed for PICKUP by persons

within 1~2 business days upon receipt.

Please call to schedule for PICKUP or leave a comment on your web order.


3. Once merchandise is delivered via trucking, verify that the pallet is intact with its original wrapping. We use a black wrap and the pallet. Check to make sure that it has not been cut or torn anywhere. If the pallet is torn apart, please note it on the bill of lading and contact our customer service.

4. Any damaged product must be written down exactly what is damaged on the bill of lading and have the driver sign it. Please fax or email a copy of the bill or lading and notify our customer service regarding the claim after the delivery is completed. You have 72 hours to claim any shortages or damages. We will not accept any claims after 72 hours.