Terms and Conditions

1. All customers will be shipped C.O.D. or payment upfront via certified check, money order, or credit card until terms are granted. New customers must submit an application to open an account before ordering.

2. All prices are subject to change. 7-Dollar Beauty Supply is not responsible for any misprint of pricing on any flyers, price book, or website.

3. We reserve to limit ordered quantities at any time.

4. Return policies will be strictly enforced. All customers should review the policies before placing orders.

5. Processed orders that are cancelled will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

6. If payments are not made in accordance with credit terms, 7-Dollar has the right to pursue receipt of balances using legal action. You will be responsible for all legal fees.

7. Return checks will be subject to a $30.00 service charge.

8. 7-Dollar Beauty Supply shall not be deemed responsible nor held liable for any damages or claims for injuries, whether international or accidental, relating to the misuse of any product.

9. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose otherwise, which extend beyond the manufacture’s description of the label of each product.

10. All damages and shortages must be reported to customer service within 72 hours of receipt of goods.

11. Freight policies will be strictly enforced. All customers should review the policies before placing orders.

12. New customers cannot receive terms. Merchandise purchased will be on a C.O.D. or prepay terms. After a history of purchase is developed, a review will occur to determine credit lines and terms.


7 Dollar Beauty Supply FAQ (New Customers & Online Sellers)

Updated 12/20/2022

Notice before Registering
- All accounts registered and/or verified with 7 Dollar Beauty Supply must submit
proper verification documentation and place an order within 3 months of creation
or will lose their account and must re-register. Also, please note that this can and
will be done without notice.
- Orders canceled at any point will not count as account activity. Accounts must
have at least one fully processed order (with payment) within the 3 month period

of account creation.

Documents to verify my account?
- If you are inquiring about registering an account with 7 Dollar, go to
https://7dollar.app/ and go to “Register”. Next, please fill all the required fields.
Once complete, you will receive an email with a customer application attached
that must be filled out. Please attach all other additional (sales tax permit, photo
ID, etc.) to your response email. Once received, your account will then be
approved for purchasing.
- If out-of-state, continue filling out the application form as normal despite it titled
under Texas.
- For international customers, please send a business license if not able to present
a tax permit. Fill the application as normal with the license number written within
the tax permit number section.
Amazon, Ebay seller’s account inquiries
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply does not partake in the creation of accounts made on
Amazon or any other company’s platform. Required documents to present as
proof of purchase/verification will only be given upon completion of payment.
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply DOES NOT provide proforma invoices. For questions
pertaining to any third party company outside of 7 Dollar Beauty Supply, please
contact the appropriate parties for further instructions.
- Accounts primarily based online will be under the same purchasing and/or
registration requirements as traditional retail businesses when shopping with 7
Dollar Beauty Supply.
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply DOES NOT partake in small shipment services
(UPS/FedEx) nor accommodate for third party services such as Amazon’s FBA.
For further information regarding our shipping policy, please refer to
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply DOES NOT ship directly to Amazon warehouses.
UPC/Price List sheet?
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply does not provide such documentation. All pricing and
product information can be found at https://7dollar.app/ (requires login to view
Setting up an order?
- Submit all orders to https://7dollar.app/ and note the order for freight, pick-up, etc.
in the comment section. If you wish to send a different address, please note that
as well.
- All accounts must be pre-verified and have submitted the proper documentation
to begin purchasing.
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply DOES NOT ship to Amazon warehouses nor accepts
FBA labels, prep, or any third party related services.
- 7 Dollar will only accept orders (outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth) that can be done via
LTL/commercial freight.
Free shipping?
- Please refer to our shipping policy at https://7dollar.app/freight-policy which will
have varying rates depending on the state you’re located in.
- Orders under the minimum will be subject to a freight collect order.
- Order quantity must be large enough to fit onto a standard dimension pallet.
Ifmissues arise, 7 Dollar Beauty Supply will notify you for further instructions on how
to proceed.
- All orders submitted online and totalling $3000 will be eligible for a 3% discount.
Shipping to a residential address?
- If the order destination is a residential address, additional fees will apply. These
can be paid off alongside your invoice(s) as a combined sum.
Payment Procedures
- 7 Dollar Beauty Supply accepts two forms of remote payment: Mail-in check or
ACH wire transfer. The routing/account number will be emailed upon fulfillment of
the order.
- If you wish to pay on-site, 7 Dollar Beauty Supply accepts cash, debit or credit
(3% processing fee will be included for all credit card payments).
- Payments must be completed in 2 weeks.
Order cancellations
- If for any reason you need to cancel your order, please let us know ASAP.
Reasons for cancellation can be subject to alternative processing procedures for
future orders.
If you decide to submit another order after the first cancellation,
full pre-pay will be required before we begin creating the order. Any out-of-stock
items causing the final total to differ from the pre-pay will be refunded upon
completion. Multiple cancellations depending on the reason can/will subject your
account to possible termination. Invoices not paid within 2 weeks of the send
date will be canceled immediately.
Damaged and/or missing items?
- For freight orders, please email all missing and/or damaged notes to
7dollarbsoffice@gmail.com and provide the following: invoice, and bill of lading.
Damages must be noted on the bill of lading or item(s) may be ineligible for
claim. All reports must be made within 2 weeks of receival.
- For general/on-site return policies, please refer to
https://www.7dollar.app/returns-policy for further instructions.